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  1. The best place you´ve been to? - To be honest I don’t know, but one of the best places in which I was is Mirabilandia ;D, maybe I sound childish but I really love amusement parks ;)
  2. Dream holidays? - in one of the countries of Scandinavia
  3. Met someone from tumblr in real life? - ASDFGHJKL! YOU <333 :D
  4. Modern or old? - It depends what
  5. Cats or dogs? - definitely dogs! I lovelovelove my doggie
  6. Afraid of heights? - not at all :)
  7. Last dream? - fox bite me xD
  8. Calm or noisy? - noisy ;)
  9. what´s behind your URL? - nothing speciale, I just like movie Lucky Number Slevin, and every other URL was already taken ;D
  10. The last film you watched? - ‘the Seasoning House’ this movie is horrible…I mean things about this move is :/
  11. Had a good day? - NO! I was at the dentist ;D

Wouldn’t be the first athlete with tumblr account but can you imagine them here??? :D

hahahaha noo :’D, but maybe better not, it wouldn’t be funny if they would notice my tags about photos with them ;D

once you get this you have to list 5 nice things you like about yourself and then send this to ten of your favorite followers.

It’s hard to say 5 nice things about myself :D

  1. I’m very tolerant
  2. and friendly
  3. I take care about animals
  4. I help people with leukemia
  5. I can ride a horse